Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Hagerty Newsletter - 2008

Happy New Year – medical field style
Yes, the medical field does everything different – with a calendar year going from July to July. We figured we will follow suit with regards to our newsletter this year. It made sense to share everything now, as our lives are have changed drastically within the last month. As most of you already know we have recently finished what has been a major part of our lives. With Dan’s education now complete, we are officially contributors to society in Spokane, Washington.
Now, with a new address and phone number to share, we also wanted to share a bit of our year with those we love the most.

This last year was again a busy time for our family, filled with fun times, travel, memories and an abundance of blessings. What a wonderful thing life is! ______________________________________________

Ryan – growing up in every way

Ryan is now six years old but you’d think he was Sean’s twin brother. He is so grown up for a Kindergartner. He learned to read, ride a two-wheeler bicycle, play baseball, add 2-digit numbers in his head and keep up with the older kids. He can’t wait to start karate in 2 weeks and he is very sure he should be in first grade by now. He is still very funny but has really discovered the strength of his temper. He is the strong-willed, stubborn one of the family, but his laugh is sure easy to find! He loves to wrestle and tickle mom, tell jokes, and act out his favorite T.V. shows. He also has become very active in baseball, basketball and swimming, loves the idea of go-karts and scooters and is very brave when it comes to going fast! He can’t wait to be in 1st grade, but sure is enjoying the summer!


Sean – a baseball “star”

Sean is still our tricky one full of mischief and adventure. He loves to see how much he can get away with before he gets caught. He hates to work and loves to play. It’s a good thing he is really good at what he loves! He is creative, full of energy and talent, and loves to be with his friends. This year he played on a travel baseball team called the Stars and usually played second base. He was more than thrilled however when he was put in as pitcher and struck 2 people out! He has really progressed in baseball and piano both this year as well as math and writing cursive! He has also become a great swimmer, and could stay in the water all day. He is looking forward to 3rd grade but wishes he could have brought his friends from Cleveland. Luckily he has a boy his age right next door, and they have become fast friends. He is now preparing for his baptism next month, as well as more sporting activities. He can never be stopped!


Brooke – our little lady
Brooke is growing into a young lady very quickly. In fourth grade, she achieved high grades, receiving 9 awards, made great friendships, progressed in piano and soccer, and is one out of four people in the harmony section of her school choir. Her favorite subject is Social Studies. She also loves to type on the computer, play with LPS (Littlest Pet Shop), can’t get enough of Hannah Montana, hangs out with her friends, talk on the phone and enjoys singing on her karaoke machine. She is a wonderful big sister but is really looking to be independent and grown up with no responsibility! Good luck on that one!


Dan – the education continued

Dan has been very busy this year. After graduating from his Emergency Medicine residency program, he began fellowship subspecialty training in Emergency Ultrasound at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Along with his own studies and responsibilities as a fellow, he worked as an attending physician in the 80-bed emergency department, he taught and gave medical lectures, worked as a flight physician delivering critical care with the MetroHealth LifeFlight helicopter, and, he taught early morning Bible study (seminary) for high school students every morning at 6:00 a.m. in our home. Rachelle would sometimes sub as the seminary teacher, but Dan managed a great balancing act! Although he is often exhausted and not often home, he is still #1 on the kids’ list! Hopefully, life will slow down a bit for him in the near future – allowing him time to enjoy hobbies once again.


Rachelle – Busy as usual!
If anyone knows Shell, she is usually the happiest when she is busy with a project or two, or 3! Well, this last year kept her pretty happy. Rachelle has had a very long, extremely busy year with kids, home and church. As president over 430 women at church (Relief Society) and taxi driver for the kids’ many activities, the kids never really knew if we were coming or going. Days filled with meetings, errands, deliveries, visits, and events, her church responsibilities brought a great year of opportunity, service and learning. The kids, however, are still her #1 challenge and #1 treasure. Between school, piano x 3, soccer, baseball x 2, friends and enjoying Cleveland and friends, Shell and the kids kept very busy. She has loved being a part of their changes and growth throughout the year and will go into shock when her baby Ryan starts first grade in the fall. Hopefully she will finally be able to finish her last year of college, and enjoy having Dan around a bit more, and pick up some of her lost hobbies as well.

Into the home stretch...
We had great adventures this year traveling to Kirtland, OH, Sandusky, OH, Kentucky, Niagara Falls and Colorado for a Ray family reunion. Dan and Shell also recently enjoyed an amazing cruise to the Virgin Islands and Caribbean with friends. Our greatest challenge, stress, test of faith, and joy during these last 12 months has been the search for a new job, new city and a new home. After 12½ years of marriage and Dan’s 18 years of schooling, Dan has gone as far as he will be allowed for education. We finally have a job!!! Dan will work as a doctor and serve as the Director of Emergency Ultrasound in the Emergency Department at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington.

We arrived in Spokane on June 9, enjoying our cross country trip along the way. Our new home is in a fantastic community close to the church and school, filled with children and parks and surrounded by the evergreen-covered mountains. We are so thankful for the opportunities, blessings and experiences we have had in Cleveland and we are looking forward to many more to come from Spokane. What great adventures lie ahead!

We are so grateful for our friendships, family and health. We thank each of you for your love and support throughout this journey of ours! We pray for each of you, and hope that this year is proving to be one of happiness and blessings. Best wishes to all of you as this year continues and into the future.
With love and friendship always,
The Hagerty Family,

Dan, Rachelle, Brooke, Sean and Ryan

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catching Up!

Although you have all been in our thoughts, time has been a little crazy over the last few months, as most of you know. So sorry for not being in better touch. Here is just a glimps at our most recent adventure. There are a few pics, so be patient and enjoy. Its worth it!

The beginning....

We began our long journey west just a few hours from home. With our very good friends the Jones', we went to Dayton Ohio where the National Air Museum is. We spent the day in awe at the aircraft in several different hangers, as well as enjoying one last hurrah together. The Jones' have been our closest friends while in Ohio, with the kids being as close as siblings! Thanks for joining us. We had a blast!

We then went to Louisville KY, where we met my sister Janel, and her family. We spent the day playing at a waterpark, dinner together, had a movie and game night and went to the zoo the next day. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera some of the time. But I did capture a few precious moments!

We were so glad to have had this time with the Dundas. What a blessing it has been to have them a little bit close. We made great memories and had a blast. Thank you for meeting us 1/2 way Jen!

Just having a bit of 4th of July fun a little early!

We arrived in St. Louis on July 2nd and spent the 3rd at the Arch. What an amazing sight!

In this picture look carefully right down the sidewalk. Normally you can park cars down there, but the waters are so high, the boardwalk and halfway up the stairs are flooded.
Pretty spectacular!
What a cute little family!

The journey to the top of the arch was a long wait, but cool.

The inside of the elevator was like a little capsole, just holding 5 people in little tiny chairs.
It was only a 4 minute ride, but enough time for the kids to play around.

Being at the top of the Arch was soooo cool. 630 ft. high, if the wind blows hard, you can feel a bit of a sway. The windows are tiny but you sure can see a lot.

This is the city side of the arch...

And this is what we saw on the river side...Heather and the kids lying spread eagle, with an 80 ft. sign that said, We Love the Hagertys. How cool is that. We felt very special, and it sure made it a very memorable experience for us!

Just having fun in the afternoon sun....

We spent the 4th playing with the Hawtons, and seeing the fireworks by the river. The kids had a blast!!

Light Sabers were the big hit that night, along with glow necklaces and bracelets.
This is Mark and Heather

n through 3D glasses. Pretty cool!
We had a great time with our friends the Hawtons in St. Louis!

After St. Louis we went on to Nebraska, where we visited a church historical sight. This is a place where the Pioneers, when moving to the west, settled for the winter. Unfortunately, many died here due to the cold and sickness. It was a great chance for us to learn a bit about the pioneers, their lives and how they lived.

The kids played games...
And we dressed like pioneers, all of us!
The kids even tried to pull a handcart!

This is the Winter Quarters, Nebraska Temple, next to the cemetary where many pioneers are burried. Many lives were lost during the winter there many years ago.

I have to say, that South Dakota was the best part of the trip! Dan surprised the kids and I with grandma and grandpa. My parents drove up from Denver and spent the day with us. What a great memory. We were sure surprised, and had a fun day together! Thanks guys!

This is Bear Country, in South Dakota. Very cool. You drive through, like a Jurrasic Park idea, with animals in the wild. The are just living, doing their thing. Sometimes they are right next to your car. There were all kids of animals, but in one particular spot, a ton of bears, everywhere, even in between and next to the cars. They are big, but look so sweet. We all loved it!

t was so amazing to see these animals in their natural environment, just living.

This was our second time to Mt. Rushmore, but just as wonderful as the first. It is so amazing to me. It really leaves you feeling patriotic, and grateful for our country and our freedoms, and those who have helped make it all possible.

This is Crazy Horse, the monument that has been under construction for over 50 years. It is pretty impressive.

This is a statue the artist made to show what it will look like when finished. If you look to the right, you can see the actual one being in the distance.

This is the amazing Devil's Tower in Wyoming. This was still a good 15 minute drive away. What a sight. There is an Indian legend about it and how it came to be...however, it is a bit of a story so you'll have to look it up!

The lines up the rock go completely around it and are said to have been made from the claws of a giant bear.

There are giant boulders at the base of Devil's Tower from when the rock pushed it's way up through the earth. The kids had a great time climbing with dad. I was forbidden, for reasons I certainly can't understand! :)

Our last stop on the trip was Yellowstone National Park. We stayed in a cute 1950's cabin and then ate a great breakfast in another cabin with lights made from antlers and natures pictures everywhere! We were ready for a great day!

There is still great evidence of the 1985 fires, but a bit of color and beauty would shine through if you looked hard!

Here are a few shots that are pretty cool!

The kids sure didn't like the stinky ones!

Old Faithful, she is now at about every 97 minutes. We explored and played while we waited for her majestic performance, and it was well worth the wait!

This was taken just after Old Faithful blew. You can still see a bit of the steam in the background!

Yellowstone...Beautiful!!!! It was an amazing day! Yellowstone...Where the dear, and the antelope, and the buffalo and the bears play!

But the time of adventure had to come to an end, and the world of new beginnings was ahead. What an exciting time! After exploring and playing for 9 days on the road, home was not far off! (Just a side note: This picture was taken in motion on the road from the passenger seat through the front window. No cropping or adjustments involved! What a lucky shot!)

We are now getting settled into our new home, neighborhood, job and adventures. I am trying to get things organized enough to scrapbook all of this, but hopefully this will give you all a little taste of our trip and the beautiful country we live in! Take care, and don't forget - you are always welcome here in beautiful Washington! Love, The Hagerty Family